What are sins?

Sins are given as the downfall of an individual and downfall of society.


My theory is that they are the things most commonly observed in amongst many societies and generations, for people to just fucking lose their minds and lives over.

Like most people do not understand reality. Dose is key. Internal orientation towards something is key. And self-awareness is key.

And society pushes people into unnatural states and then they pursue the connection with these materials.

But they do not understand the purpose.

Even drugs were only supposed to be used very sparingly, to give a sense of what is possible, for people who do not understand.

Then achieve that state naturally through meditation.

Now, we can buy it and keep hitting it.

Things are outside their cultural and societal gatekeeping, but they also lack some of the context of what kept them safe.

Almost like reinventing the wheel, except you are working on a wheel that is attached to a running car.

Danger is implied.

Stay safe.

The artist K'naan was asked about why he did not take drugs. He replied that he was living such a delightful high regularly, everyday, naturally...why would he want to mess with that? He did not want to mess with that.