Planning spring break with philosophers comedy

Planning spring break with philosophers.

Me: Where does everyone want to go for spring break?

Hegel: Actually, we never knew where we wanted to go--

Me: I know that's why I'm asking...

Hegel: --because we are creating it right now.

Me: Anyone else?

Epicurus: I know everyone thinks I'm a slut, but I just want to chill by the beach and maybe eat cheese.

Diogenes: I will be in my barrel, just stay out of my sunlight.

Aristotle: Courage is a virtue.

Me: Very helpful.

Kant: If we want to find the perfect spring break destination, first we must find the perfect person and then ask them where they would go.

Me: Anything more specific?

Kant: A bible study camp.

Me: Does anyone have anything fun to do?

Plato: We need a few people to go on spring break, the rest should just work.

Seneca: Yeah, like I don't need to go on vacation. If I was at a cocaine, orgy, yacht party, I could do that, but I don't NEED to. I am fine.

Emerson: Into nature, like a national park, but you probably wouldn't get it.

Buddha: I'm going to chop wood and carry water.

Me: At least we have some ideas now of stuff to do.

Hegel: The journey is the destination.