Cheap, polarized sunglasses Goodr or Knockaround Sunglass Review

Sunglasses broke. I had an expensive pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers. But my preferences for sunglasses is pretty clear, 1) polarized lenses, 2) everything plastic, no glass because of sports and potential for injuries 3) no nose bridge. Despite all that, they should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. No need for story and emotion. Luckily, you can find cheap, polarized sunglasses in abundance now. The Ray Bans are normally $250. These replacements are $25. I bought four pairs to try on at home, and I'll return the ones I do not like. Easy choice. The sunglasses I bought on vacation in Ibiza, well, they made me happier to wear them, they were more exciting to me, and they have lasted longer because they did not break. That is the second pair that I have broken. Perhaps there is some really durable, great warranty, etc. kind of sunglass. But the thing is, these work better for me. More than 80%, they probably provide 95%-98% of the functionality of the more expensive pair, and they are 10% of the price. In fact, because the cheaper ones are cheaper, that actually is an additional feature. I can easily replace them, they are more abundant, I can have two pairs in different places so they are handy, etc. I can give them away more easily. No worries about using, scratching, or losing them.

The mass market does provide good things sometimes.

Sure, I could buy another expensive pair of sunglasses used or something like that, but frankly, they have broken on me twice now. The cheap ones are more durable. It is a win, win, win.