Essential (or underrated) work from home gear to buy

1. Laptop desk

You need it to keep your laptop cool. Overheating damages laptop parts. Also it is more comfortable and functional.

2. Space heater

Get one. Especially during the winter months, having a space heater nearby can provide comfort. It is not necessarily about saving the cost of central heating. It is about having heat where you need it

3. Wool sweater

Keep a wool sweater on and everything will be okay. Thick does not mean physically heavy. A wool sweater will keep you warmer and more comfortable through temperature swings. Put a longsleeve on (or your favorite hoodie) underneath and you will have the added comfort of cotton against your skin.

4. Sweatshirt

The BEST work from home fit during the winter. A sweatshirt is king. It is key. It is comfortable. It is supremely functional. They allow movement, and if you have the kangaroo pocket, you have an easy way to stash things.

5. Sling

Get one, but do not neglect the fanny pack. Having some sort of day pack is nice because especially right now, you have a few things to carry including your mask. These come in various sizes, but something <2 liters is great as a fanny pack, and something around 10-12 liters is great as a sling bag.

6. Water bottle

Get a Nalgene or a glass water bottle. Staying hydrated is key to being productive, alert, and happy. Keep a water bottle close and now you can fill it by walking to the kitchen. No lines. No banter with coworkers you would rather avoid. Message friends or family for a social break.

7. Kettlebell

Embrace the new opportunities of WFH. Boring conference call or meeting? 10 two-handed swings will keep the blood flowing. Normally, you would have to sit and doodle. Bank away some health points for when you really need to sit, focus, and get down to work. 25 or 35 lbs is a great starting weight.

7. Standing desk

Need I say more? Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health. Standing is an improvement.