Gear: Drawing and Digital Art


  • Get a basic iPad $329 and an apple pencil
  • Get an android tablet - Samsung S6 Lite which includes the Wacom technology s-pen (very nice)
  • Pencil and paper

Tablet vs Drawing tablet comparison:

more expensive
more intuitive
do other things if you do not end up drawing much
more portable, standalone

Drawing Tablet
much cheaper
less flexible
less portable
more ergonomic
works with PC software


  • iOs - procreate
  • Android - autodesk sketchbook, medibang, clip studio paint,


  • Learn to draw using construction methods (break things down into basic shapes like cubes, cylinders, cones)

  • Trace things - you can trace to get a better sense of perspective and construction

  • Online courses - figure drawing at college level or youtube