Get Satisfactory Products

But the best does not mean the most features, the most modern cut, the newest technology, or even the highest reviewed.

The best is functional.

What gets out of your way and allows you to live your life happily?

Do the task quickly?

Without having to think about it?

Functionality, durability, maintenance, cost, aesthetics.

Aesthetics, of course, are part of it, but more minor. Better to have a reliable Toyota Camry than a Ferrari that you cannot drive in the snow and always has to be in the shop.

That is an exaggeration though, because the Ferrari, well, it fulfills more of a luxury purpose. If you had a staff and a bunch of people to take care of it, and more than enough money to fund it, then that is different.
If you liked doing work on it yourself, that would be different.

But if you just want to get from one cool party to another, or a place to an event, probably better to have a car service, than to drive yourself and have to valet or find parking. Having a hired driver would be one too.

What I am trying to say is that, there are of course reasons to own 'nice' things (investments potentially). But most people do not understand signaling or investments.

Better to have skills and accomplishments and connections and a track record of positive work, than a nice suit.

The nice suit implies the other things. But they aren't the other things. The real things.

The truth is though that some people judge you based on things you own. And there is some 'minimum' amount that matters. While you might not need a suit to get the effect, conversely you are not walking naked into a room.

It really depends on what you are doing. But the thing is that people, often, mistake having the nice things as being the thing. People think that being rich is about having flashy objects, because that is what they see.

When if you hang out with really wealthy people, it is about doing the things, hanging out with the people, and kind of actually avoiding the rest of the people. Low key.

Think about it this way, right now a phone that has a broken cracked screen is, well, kinda seen as lame. Mainly because small-minded people think that it means you are poor. But if you saw a really rich person with a cracked phone screen, maybe you would think differently. You shouldn't. A cracked phone screen simply means you have a cracked phone screen.

Reading into it more is just a mistake.

Now, sometimes, you have to deal with small-minded humans. And signaling does make a difference. But you should really avoid it.

Like someone might think that the richest person in the room has the nicest cell phone. But in reality, they probably have no cell phone. And an assistant and team to take care of all that stuff.

And I would further offer, that the person who really has it figured out is not even in the room. They are either just dictating what needs to be done, either financially independent, just doing it because the like to, or hanging out with friends and family somewhere warm and sunny.

The person on vacation with the nice cell phone and calls and traveling for work, seems cool and important. But the person who lives and retires and works there maybe they have it figured out. The person who is actually only on vacation, maybe they have it figured out.

There is a phase in your life when you are scrappy.
There is a phase in your life when you put your head down and work really hard. Executor.
There is a phase in your life when you get out of the game.
There is a phase in your life when you realize the purpose of games.