Neighborhood full of Lamborghinis

I mean they exist. Neighborhoods where people drive not just typical luxury cars, but exotics.

Lamborghinis and Ferraris and less widely recognized brands. Bugatti used to be one until they started crushing all the records.

Like Lotus before Lotus was Lotus.

In this mythical land, people have ample money, vacation for weeks in exotic places. Or they live in such a cool place that they do not need to vacation. Spend all their time there.

They have money to buy like all kinds of luxuries. Few physical needs.

Whether or not you have debt, if you are living in the US, you are likely living something like this life.

Consider comparing your life to someone that has very little material.

Comparatively it would seem like your ability to go on a road trip is absurd. Or to fly anywhere. Realize that there are people who literally go their whole lives without being on an airplane.

There are people who make like $10000 USD a year. I mean they probably live in other countries, but that is kind of what I am saying.

My argument is that in the history of the world, there must have been people who have been extraordinarily happy, who have lived great lives, fulfilling lives, good
lives, full of everything positive, and never had the new iPhone. A microwave. A television. A laptop. Internet.

Like there are people who live happily and great quality lives, who do not have the material goods you have.

Admittedly, there are people with fewer material goods that live very difficult lives. Lives that you would never wish for. But them, your material life probably looks absurdly rich.

Like don't you think that if you spent decades in some terrible situation (alienated and persecuted), then like just being in a safe neighborhood and walking around would seem like such a treat?

And when I look at my life experiences...I mean I have been so happy with much less material stuff.

If you still do not get it, think about when you were last on vacation and you had a great trip. I mean ostensibly all you had were the clothes in your suitcase and some amenities.

And you felt great.

You had other stuff though: freedom, safety, good food, company, new stuff to see? Learning things.

Consider what those 'things' are, and notice they are not 'things.'

It is more like mental stuff. Consider also that you can have that mental stuff in your 'normal' life.

And trust me, if you lived there for a month, you would start thinking...hey it might be nice to be back home.

Or maybe not, and you stay there and build a life.

But like, that is an example of being happy with less stuff.