Our needs are cheap: coffee

People think a cup of coffee costs a certain amount

That you get a Breville machine and it makes coffee.
and ease, but it costs money, and no skill.

Or you get a pour over set up and you can make it yourself. costs lots of skill, but lower on money, and costs some ease.

Or you can like try it yourself and if you have low skill, and low ease, you can make shitty coffee quickly. and if you spend poorly on bad equipment, it can cost lots of money. that is the keurig.

Or you could, as this blog does, look at the actual thing you are after. In this case, energy, alertness, engagement.

And realize that instead of needing coffee, you need a nap, mindfulness, and the ability to recognize and harness your work energy.

monetary outlay may be low, opportunity of earned income may be higher, or not, depends on your business or partnership skills, and you actually do achieve what you need.

Now there may be a place for coffee, but normalizing and celebrating it, is a normalization and celebration of the system.

Instead, fix what you need to fix. Actually, at the top of the earning space you find people do drugs (stronger and controlled coffee or are like super free -> my preferred method, or have coffee super occasionally or for fun).

This all goes back to a thesis that I am developing which is that actual human needs do not need to cost a lot of money to fulfill. In fact, they cost very little given that they have been worked on by generations. However people end up spending a lot of money in an attempt to fulfill them, and they either do not fulfill them or fulfill them at high cost, and usually then only insufficiently.

The best things in life are free.

In the human needs I am including: health, wealth, happiness, in addition to food, water, shelter.

This site is the wisdom and expansion of this approach.