Search for Happiness Outdoors, not Online

One of the problems that people face is that they are searching for happines online.

Looking for connection, information, and stimulation.

Everything is available outside.

If you live somewhere safe, walk outside.
Better to spend the afternoon picking up dog poop in the backyard than playing video games indoors.

But video games have a use too. Better to play video games than to vegetate out on television.

People have vitamin D deficiencies. The more time you spend in the sun, to a limit, the better.

Of course you can die from exposure. Of course a day doing back breaking manual labor is a tough way to live.
All caveats. I am writing to the typical American right now, indoors most of the time, working some job where they are indoors, watching television, and spending most other time watching videos online.

More time outside. Walk. Garden. Pull weeds.
You understand better the benefits of inside.

You need both.