To actually learn a subject, understand a textbook.

Common discussion lacks understanding. It is great for sentiment, but full of misunderstanding on technical subjects

If you want expert opinions, perhaps consult an expert.

The issue with COVID-19 is that you have medical professionals who have never worked on a disease outbreak (peditricians, immunologists, academic physicians) presenting themselves as 'experts' in outbreak control.

There is a difference between being an immunologist and understanding how to control an outbreak involving real people in the real world.

It is like having a school principal say they understand how the president of the country should do things.

Except the level of discourse is more like a parent of a child of the school saying they understand how the president of a country should do things. Although this exact situation already does happen, so I guess we should not be surprised.

If you want to learn something, buy the textbook.

Instead of spending your time reading tons of articles, podcasts, even published papers, start with reading the textbook first.

If you cannot read the textbook, then improve your base knowledge and your learning skills.

People that want to talk about certain topics, whatever...people who want to give advice and have their advice recognized, should understand what is going on in the field first.

Otherwise, you are not even wrong.

Janeway's Immunology is what medical students and PhD students read. Start there.

Immune System by Peter Parham
Janeway’s Immunology

Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive by Philipp Dettmer - This is the example of pop science that I am talking about, but it is probably better than most of the stuff out there.

The other problem is that lots of 'inquisitive' that can even read a textbook lack common sense. They lack the ability to take in information and instead look for information that backs up their beliefs.

They search for agreement and confirmation instead of search for the truth.