When Gear Gets Worn Out, Good Times

You can decide whether you really need it

If it wore out, then probably you were using it.

The first thought is often to replace it.

Or even better, upgrade it to the 'perfect' item.

As you go through your travel journey you realize there are no really perfect items. Everything has choices.

Instead of spending all your time looking at gear, researching, comparing prices and specs, just get something that is 80% good.


I have like $400 bags. They are fun to wear, but so what. I could have the same experience with a $40 bag.

It is fun to wear and walk through an airport, or carry it, or pack it, but that is about it.

The rest of the day, the rest of your life, you ideally are living.

Then what does it matter what kind of bag you have?

Getting that last 20% is a quest, and one that you are pursuing because you think it will bring you happiness and satisfaction and because you enjoy it.

But what you actually enjoy are working towards those 'goals' of happiness and satisfaction.

Once you realize that those two things are already available to you, now, today, as things are... it is an unlock.

Travel's importance is the realization that you can have such positive experiences with minimal gear (compared to what you have in your home), You can learn from other people. You can begin to see with an open mind, things that are really in front of you.

You can experience another environment.

And when you realize that, you also realize that you can take the chance at something being worn out, to now have fewer things.

Use things you already have.

Things that have minimal cost. Things that have 80% effectiveness in gear. Because gear is not what you are really after.