Weightlifting and workout plan for BJJ beginners

Train movements.

The typical weight lifting plan

The typical, general physical conditioning plan tells you to do bench, squat, and deadlift. Do it for 5 reps for 5 sets. If you want to do it 6 days a week, do one of those each day.

The body has different systems for producing power.

Get over your unconscious ignorance about weight lifting.

The difficulty is that most people are unconsciously ignorant about how much they know about weight lifting.

They see someone who is 'big' and think, they just go in the gym and lift weights heavy. I figured as much myself.

As you start lifting more and more, well you start to realize how little you know.

Even with that caveat, people will still read this article, or watch a youtube video and thnk they understand the whole game.

When really, they do not even have the basics correct.

I only have as much knowledge as I have seen or experienced. It is really like one of those things that is relatively simple, but it is complicated by people who are selling things.

But like, one example is someone seeing a football match. They learn that the object of the game is to score a goal. Now they think they 'understand' the game.

That is the level of understanding you have if you think it is just about lifting heavy weights.

It is true, but insufficient for action.

Some people are so ignorant that based on reading an article about positions on the field, they go so far as to give advice, even confidently, based on this 'knowledge'.

What are movement patterns and which ones should you train?

Movement patterns are basically ways of grouping various exercises. They are rough categorizations of the way that the body can move.

An example of a movement pattern is 'pushing.' You realize that a bench press and a pushup are similar movements. They both involve pushing.

This can be complicated by dividing again, upper vs lower body and horizontal, vertical, and rotational planes. You can divide things into push and pull as well.

Horizontal Vertical Rotational
Upper Bench press Overhead press Barbell twists

1) Squat - (high/low bar back, front, bulgarian split)
2) Deadlift - (deadlift, hip thrust, kettle bell swings)
3) Push upper body - (bench press, 45 degree incline, z press, dips)
4) Pull upper body - (bent over barbell rows, pull ups, dumbbell rows)
5) Twist - (med ball twist, med ball throws, barbell twists)
6) Carry - (sandbag, one arm farmers carry, front rack kettlebell)
7) Core - sit up variations (v ups, crunches, leg raises)

Weekly plan. What do you actually do each day?

Monday - Lower Heavy

5x5 (5 sets of 5)
Warm up - body weight stuff, bike, good mornings

Squat - back squat
Deadlift - deadlift

In between sets:
Twist - med ball twists, throws, barbell twists
Core - sit up variations, planks

Tuesday - Upper Heavy

Warm up - body weight stuff, bike

Push upper body - bench incline 45 degrees (bench, overhead press, z press)

Pull upper body - lower weight bent over rows, deadlift rows

In between sets:
Pull up hangs
Core - sit ups, v ups, leg raises, flutter legs, side crunches, crunches, touch ankles, wall sits, planks

Wednesday - Lower Fast

Warm up - bike

Kettlebell swings - two handed, one handed
Fast zercher squats
Fast back squats

Hip thrusts
Fast deadlifts


Thursday - Upper fast

These days are upper fast, rotational, core days

Farmers carry
Front rack kettlebell

Sandbag carry

Med ball slams

Pull ups - weighted, weight assisted

Fast bench
Fast reverse grip bench


A huge topic.

General guidelines that I follow.

Skip breakfast. Eat your first meal around noon. Some people say only eat dinner, but I have not tried it myself. You should probably get annoyingly hungry.
It diminishes after two to three weeks.

Meat, bitter leafy greens.
Peanut butter, bread, honey.
Yogurt - I did eat a lot of this for a while, but like, got really mucousy.
Cheese - try this

Other topics

I am starting to see there are tons of other topics.

CNS fatigue
Working imbalances
Avoiding overworking when you take into account what you do in training