What is the thinkpad of cars?

Probably get a Toyota. Maybe a Honda.

What is a thinkpad?

A great laptop.

Built for business use and so it is: durable, repairable, cheap. High functionality, low key aesthetcs.

What is good in a car?

Range - If you are talking about an electric car, range is more important than high speed. All the cars can accelerate fast enough and haul enough for my uses.

Functionality - you can carry things, people, gear.
Mileage - gas likely.


As it sits in 2022, probably some sort of hybrid vehicle.

An electric car is on the horizon, and 1 in 10 cars currently purchased new is electric. However, the range question is a question.

Tesla seems to have the best charging network, although the vehicles themselves have not been rated favorably in reliability.

Toyota is still the best. Honda as well.