All time stocks

Consider what stocks are all time stocks?

Hard to say.

Google - how people search for information and learn
Proctor and Gamble, JNJ, or 3M - durable consumer goods
Disney - they've proven that they can innovate over new technologies and done it over generations
Berkshire - large investment diversification

Notice people would say Apple or like Tesla or like Amazon.

I just don't know.

Consumer goods are tricky. I guess I don't know what the differentiation is, but like Montgomery Ward and Kmart were huge companies and they are zero now. Walmart is a huge company now, but Amazon is pretty much that company in a new tech space.

I guess part of it is, can the company innovate with new technology?
Are they willing to do it?
Have they done it many times before?

It seems like Google has gone from websites, to videos and they did make the jump from PC based to mobile based internet. But they missed the web 1.0 to web 2.0 jump and never really got anythig going in that space. Then again, they have remained the core thing (search and information) within both of those.

There is a big idea that this metaverse thing is going to take off.

Gary Vaynerchuck keeps saying we are already in it. I do not know, but I wonder if that is bearish sentiment towards Facebook (Meta)...saying they are building a redundant product?

It seems like wide VR adoption has been 'right around the corner' for decades now. The technology and experience is there, but it is too cumbersome.

Like it is just now that people are starting to put on an Oculus and play VR games areally. But there have been VR playstations for years. It is a 'better' that is higher fidlity experience, but the use is slower and more cumbersome.

Case in point a desktop PC is faster, better screen, more ergonomic, and cheaper and more durable than a laptop, but a laptop wins in terms of usage.

And a phone beats that.

No one is going to do heavy work on a phone, but lots of people are doing work on it. And in terms of just consumption?

more mobility, smaller size, cheaper, faster to boot beats faster processing, higher fidelity, and tethered to one spot.

cordless instead of corded.

Although for me, I prefer corded for almost everything I own. Corded is reliable, replaceable, repairable, does not lose charge, and sometimes even comes with batteries.

But in terms of general consumer behavior? People would rather have cordless earbuds that do not sound great and will break in 3 years rather than a part of large, on ear, corded headphoes that are the same price, bigger, and better sound, and will last your whole life.

That is consumer bahvior right now.

I am operating with, I guess, more frugal, more Great Depression type consumption patterns.

But stocks go where earnings go. That is the name of the all time game. There are lots and lots of other side and short term games.

But the all time, overall, general game is that you stay solvent (survive) and follow the earnings at a fair price.

Beat somewhat, conserve your capital.

If you do wins, occasionally bet on things that can have huge upside, with minimal downside, and then avoid the huge drops, that will be a great strategy long term.

If you can process what people are saying and then figure out who is saying the thing that is closest correct to making money, thta makes sense too.

Do your own research, I am not a professional . Do not follow what I am saying. This is not advice.