Body type aesthetics: Look weak and be strong vs look strong and be weak

: What if you could be super strong, but look super weak? Like deadlift 500+ lbs, but look scrawny. Would you go for it?

Or look great, but not actually have much functional strength? Struggle lifting a couch.

Or then again be strong, but look fat?

It seems like the preferences would be to be strong and look stout.

Be strong and look strong.

Be strong and look cut and know how to fight.

Weight classes

It seems like if there were no weight classes, then it would be beneficial to just weigh a little more and be strong.

However, if you have to move your body, then high strength to weight ratio matters. Backpacking, climbing, or gymnastics for example. Even running. These sports tend to select for lean and strong figures.

Body type sayings

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