Do things to live a good life


As they impact happiness, probably health and then friends/relationships. But really it is about love and that starts with yourself.

If you do not love and respect yourself, the answer is not to start.

The answer is to do things.

People think that telling someone they are enough is good.

Maybe it is what they need to hear. Maybe they need to learn that they are worthy of love.

But those are not the same as being enough.

There is a place, I guess, for framing.

Someone saying, I am a great writer is one thing. Someone saying, I am a great writer, I just need to get my skills up to par.
Someone saying, I am a great writer, I am doing it.

The thing is that the real game is inside the person doing it.

If a person is putting out crappy content, but it fulfills their goals, then that is working for them. 'Shitty first drafts' are part of improving writing quality.

However, the content does not become 'great' or 'acceptable' or 'enough' to external measures just because it fulfills the practitioner's needs.