Experiences > Gear

People write that you should spend on experiences instead of gear.

This statement is true to a point.

Most people have too much gear. Too much stuff. And the stuff they get is mostly junk.

Oftentimes people want an experience and instead get hijacked by marketing into purchasing gear. See, all the people at REI on the weekends buying expensive tents, boots, and jackets. 99% of them could go camping with the clothes and shoes they have and a $40-$50 tent from a big box store.

But it is the idea of being outside, exploring, and being adventurous that they're into. Same with Subaru marketing as an 'adventure' vehicle.

You could go hiking in the forest with the clothes and shoes that you have now. You could go camping with the car you have or rent a car or invite some friends with cars to go.

Most of what people want is experiences.

The exception is that occassionally, very occassionally, gear purchases make sense. Typically it is when it comes to someone getting something done faster or more efficiently. Most of the time, that is also a waste of time and money because trade workers and skill based endeavors are just as susceptible to marketing.

When you see a beautiful landscape of like the Grand Canyon, people will look at what kind of camera was used. And start researching cameras. A few people might start researching trips to the Grand Canyon.

That is a step in the right direction.

The big brain maneuver is some people are already out the door, walking or biking to a local park. Or driving to a close by nature.

And enjoying their day and their life there.