Most things are a waste of money

Once you can eat, pay rent, pay taxes, you know, be safe, that is all you need money to do.

You can buy tools to create art and work.

Most things are a waste of money. Status symbols are mostly a waste of money.

Of course there are exceptions. Perhaps you like the idea of investing and returns. You like the research. You like the pay out. You like trading on sentiment.

Make a website doing that, perhaps.

But the status symbols? Well they are fun. They may give you access to things. But at least keep them minimally.

The thing to do really is to buy your freedom. Save money until you do not have to work anymore. Purchase your freedom.

Purchase low distractions.

Purchase health.

Purchase general safety. Avoid loss of life.

The stories we tell ourselves are just that, stories.

People think that the prizes are the shiny objects (cars, clothes, access to parties).

When the meaningful things are the "meaningful relationships, work, and true love (from Eric Kim blog)"