NFT waiting for a crash

At some point there is going to have to be a crash.

Then you can buy big into projects that you believe in.

30 year projects. Something people (consumers) will like. Something the leadership can actually deliver on. -Gary Vee

Tier 1 things will remain investment grade.

The thing that is cool about the NFTs are that you could sell them yourself, theoretically.

If you have an investment grade piece of physical art, you go through an auction house or you donate to a gallery.

There are already places you can donate online.

There is also the idea of collection. Of flexing. Of showing off the stuff you have.

I already feel it with Fortnite skins and I do not even have many of them and I also did not purchase any.

It is tale as old as time consumer behavior: wanting to self-express. And some people like to collect and trade. But it is all social.

Human beings are social.