Social media is not social life

Can be a fun thing to do.

But only as a way to get in touch with and keep in touch with people.

Think of it more as a place, like a bar or something.

Someone might think...hey...that person hasn't been here in a while, I wonder what happened to them.

But unless you were actually friends in real life, outside of the bar, they would not really do much about it.

What I am saying is there is a difference between friends and acquaintances.

Better to have a few real friends than thousands of acquainances.

Even better to have both, potentially.

Is fame worth it?

It is fun to have people know you.

But like it seems that there are also limits to that.

And you can get a lot of it with money.

It might be nice for people to know you for doing good things, or within a specific community?

Still have not figured out whether fame is worth the risk.