Socializing offline vs online

People do not have orignal small communities, so that is why we are looking for virtual community.

breakdown of original communities is why people are looking for online communities.
digital or virtual world is interesting because that is how people interact

Real world interactions preferred, even if more expensive.

it is harder? no it is more expensive to interact in the real world. for example, people need to physically travel (plane or drive usually) and then have all the things they need.

but the advantages?

global scale

we saw the globalization of business. and even before covid, people were wanting to buy local. the idea that you could have programmers all over the world, well it is easier to work with really good people domestically. plus all the really good programmers have come to palo alto on a visa. or wages have gone up.

physical location still matters.

it is just a lot more expensive.

But seeing someone, smelling the smells (smell is uniquely tied to memory), body language, and the subtlety of expressions...the human body has been developed and honing reading these things for generations.

It is not the same, no matter how high you think the resolution is on a machine.

The timing as well.

The sounds.

Online you can have serendipity.

Sure it is easy to meet someone online and have serendipity.

But in person serendipity is higher. The chance for things to happen is higher.

If you place yourself in a high quality environment.

Online should enhance offline. Offline is the real measure of quality of social interaction.

it is not an all or nothing, all online or all offline.

but if i were to choose, an all offline network of people would be preferable. more durable.

the people you see most often are people around you.

sure there are people who like you can see their content online, but like...unless you are meeting up with people in real life, they are not really your friends.

does not have to be often, but it has to be sometimes.

Beware people that overshare, but are not trustworthy or reliable. They seem like friends, but are net drain.

well maybe that is not true. but what i mean is that becoming friends is about shared experience (which i guess you could have 'online') but also stake in each other ... no i guess what it is about is being around each other. being there for each other. stake with each other. having dirt on one another? no it is more like well yeah having deep conversations. 'deep' conversations.

but people manipulate that. because part of it is having deep conversations, sharing about yourself, but another part is caring and being there for people. self-sacrifice.

i think that is the part that 'empath' people miss. not organized enough with themselves to be useful to others.

Real world currency

basically what i am saying is that you might have tons of followers, but like, who is going to watch your dog when you are away? no one. that is why you hire a dog sitter on an app.

literally instead of a community, we are replacing original communities with communities by money exchange. it is a problem for people who are cut out of the money generation.

it is the classic like fruit tree vs whole foods grocer thing, that I have written about.

so like a bitcoin millionaire with low friends or like a person with land and community? or even just community? hmm, i guess this is the classic distinction more like a rich person no friends vs a valued community member.

how does someone become a valued community member? hanging out. being social. funny. being at the center of social stuff. there is also a sense of like, shared adventure, wonder, being there for people, but basically being a hub. deal flow.

The solution is that you should facilitate real world community and social with online.

goat of electronic communication is text messaging and calling. how many people can you call and they will pick up and have a phone conversation with? how many people can you drop in at their house and they will be happy to see you? how many people can you text and they will reply?

video chat is even better.

sure there is a lot online, but like, sans metrics, what can you do?

why? because the platforms own that communication. i guess what i am getting at is the depth of the relationship.

Rich with community.

You do not have to choose. Be rich and with community.

The person who is rich and with no community or love is difficult life.

Build both.

Be a good person.

Be happy.

Have fun.