What is a weightlifting workout plan for BJJ

Weekly plan.

What do you actually do each day? Mostly what I feel like. I use the topics as rough guides. I do some sort of warm up, but whether that is bike, walk, run, low weights, light weight good mornings, or body weight movements to limber up, all depends on how I feel that day.

The topics, like I said, I use as rough guides for the movements. Generally 5x5 on the heavy days, 4x10 on the light and fast and explosive days.

In between sets, I do some sort of core workout. But whether that is sit ups, flutter kicks, leg raises, planks, or crunches, again, depends on how I feel.

The important part is to keep it fun and enjoyable.

Day 1- Monday - Lower Heavy

5x5 (5 sets of 5)

  1. Warm up - body weight stuff, bike, good mornings

  2. Squat - back squat (alternatives: zercher squats, front squat, split squats)
    Deadlift - deadlift (alternatives: straight leg deadlifts)

  3. In between sets:
    Twist - med ball twists, throws, barbell twists
    Core - sit up variations, planks

Day 2 - Tuesday - Upper Heavy


  1. Warm up - body weight stuff, bike

  2. Push upper body - bench incline 45 degrees (bench, overhead press, z press)

  3. Pull upper body - bent over rows (deadlift rows, dumbbell rows, flys)

  4. In between sets:
    Pull up hangs
    Core - sit ups, v ups, leg raises, flutter legs, side crunches, crunches, touch ankles, wall sits, planks

Day 3 - Wednesday - Lower Fast

4x10, unless otherwise specified

  1. Warm up - bike

  2. Kettlebell swings - two handed, one handed - 10x10 mins

  3. Fast zercher squats
    Fast back squats

  4. Hip thrusts
    Fast deadlifts

  5. Running

  6. In between sets:
    Pull ups - assisted or weighted

Day 4 - Thursday - Upper fast

Upper fast, rotational, core days
4x10, unless otherwise specified

  1. Warm up

  2. Pushups - clap pushups, explosive styles

  3. Fast bench
    Fast overhead press
    Fast incline bench
    Fast reverse grip bench

  4. Farmers carry
    Front rack kettlebell

  5. Sandbag carry

  6. Med ball slams

  7. Pull ups - weighted, weight assisted

  8. In between sets:


In general, keep it fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy that you get to move your body.

The specific day workout is important, but the long term consistency is the most important.

Warm up adequately and stay healthy, strong, and flexible.