Money in the bank > luxuries around you

You can have a closet full of designer clothes.

Great shoes.

Fancy purses.

Expensive wristwatches.

You can go on expensive vacations.

But the money in the bank is better than having a lot of luxuries around you.


Because the goal is a happy lifetyle. Being happy.

A lifestyle of wealth. Wealth meaning abundance more than spending.

There are few things worth spending money on in terms of luxury goods.

The things worth spending money on?
Experiences with people
Creative expression
Safety and stability

You can have a hilarious and fun time being outside. Backyard BBQ with beers. Or you can do it in an expensive restaurant. Or you can do it backstage at your friend's event.

The laughs should be the same.

The goal is the laughs. The goal are the good friends. The goal is the experiences.

You do not have to spend to make it happen.