To do list styles autofocus is great

The most important part of this to do list style is that it forces you to consider whether to keep tasks.

The next best part is that it allows you to work partially on the task, but ikeep it moving forward.

using ## headers as month and year looks like it works well

then there is a today and you move everything up into that one

/ ## follow up
/ ## someday maybe
/ ## private
/ ## work

also a nice, really nice thing is to use a notebook
and write by hand
and process by hand

and the other thing, is to make sure that you use the autofocus system

it is important to clear out or let tasks be cleared out automagically

and if you have goals, then keep writing them out, not just typing them

and especially not just reading them

make a list
put a line at the bottom

when you are going to work, read through the whole list with no intention of doing them

then read through again and when something jumps out at you to do, then work on it

work on it only as long as you like working on it
can use pomodoro

if it is done, then cross it off
if it is not done, then cross it off and write it again at the bottom of the list

you can combine numbering by having things written out;jsessionid=90C58BA8506F69E6C43FB109D7E8366E.v5-web009