What are components of a good lifestyle?

What are the components of a good lifestyle?
The basic component is:

The types of health are:

Mental health

"All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - Blaise Pascal

Happy with yourself.
At peace.

There are a lot of realizations that need to take place here.
Focusing on your locus of control. Information diet.
The problem with advice is the context. Some people need one side of it and some people need the other. Some people need to forgive themselves, some people need to grow up and take responsibility for themselves.
The middle way.

Physical health

Almost easier.

Diet and exercise and sleep.

Some people focus on one and not the other. If you are going to focus on one, focus on exercise. Most people are too sedentary. You have no chance at getting fit with the current lifestyle. I have tried living a basic lifestyle and it is terrible. Humans are meant to move.

Exercise also gives you social interaction, endorphins, and builds skills.

Diet is basic. Ideally mostly bitter leafy greens and meat. If your culture includes rice, then eat rice.

Sleep. Do you have sleep apnea? Get rid of your devices. Exercise enough so you can actually fall asleep. Write things out so that you can process what is in your mind.


Really this should be social.

Being social is a skill. All skills can be improved.

Being part of a community. Help people without asking for anything in return. Chat people up even if it seems weird sometimes. Be willing to put yourself out there. Connect with people on projects.

Give gifts.

Spend time and money on being with people.

Components of a good lifestyle

Money to keep the game going
Activities you like to do
People you like to do things with

Doing things with people that you like
Money to keep the game going

Doing things with people that you like
You happen upon sufficient money as a result

Flow states

We are all just looking for good ways to spend our time

The money question: the two sides are expenses and income.
Good expenses are in health, things that are necessary, things that grow. Poor expenses are in depreciating assets, things that are never used.

Income growth is the game of business. Business turns out to be a skill. This is one that I am figuring out. 'Everything is sales' means that sales is a component of everything. Usually a major component. People are at the core of a business. People that are good at business are usually well connected, hold attention, and have a great reputation. They have a vision, a plan, and they work the plan. Instead of planning, they do. Then they, do and do some more. Growing income is providing at scale something the market needs, but does not have. Providing so much real value out there, that people are going out of their way to give you money. So you can continue doing it.