What is happiness?

where does happiness come from?
i mean you have got to be kidding yourself if you still think it comes from sex, spending money, and power.
like every religion talks about the downfalls of that. like every form of philosophy talks about. every major novel. every disney movie lol.

is it true?
i mean experience it for yourself. talk to people.

like i have said before, those are the spices of life.
but do not confuse the spice with the whole meal.

chili adds flavor, salt adds flavor, paprika adds flavor, garlic adds flavor.
but if you are going to eat a whole plate of it, pick boring, bitter, kale or spinach.
pick roasted fresh fish.
pick lightly grilled steak.

what is happiness?
chemical, yes, but it is an internal production of chemicals. exogenous introduction of chemicals is another way people go about it. short sighted, at best. dumb and ignorant more typically.

big tangent. what about addiction, psychiatric conditions, bipolar, and treatment?

you can look at steroids. you can look at happy pills. i am not talking about like people that have real psychiatric conditions. i am not talking about avoiding life-saving antibiotics. people think steroids and happy pills are the answer to being strong and happy. steroids, you still need to lift and put in the work. happy pills you have bought yourself some relief and maybe time, but you have not changed anything underlying.

there was this lady i knew that was depressed and stressed out at work. one day i noticed she was like happy, energetic. i realized she had been that way for like a week. what changed? she got out of a bad situation in her household. she could make a home somewhere else.

i was on a plane flight from the US to Spain. people vacationing. this one couple was arguing the whole time. i felt like giving them therapy. i did not, i was trying to sleep. beautiful vacation. who knows? probably if i had the same experiences as them and the same knowledge and the same skill, i would be in the same situation. hard to judge.

but what i am saying is that a pill would probably not solve all of that.

absolutely, there are many undiagnosed bipolar or manic people there are people with ADHD. as far as treatment, even a real doctor would say a pill is not the complete solution. will help. will buy time. but it is not complete. and it comes with costs. your body has to process it, your receptors and balance get changed, but maybe it is what you need at that point. someone who is coming off alcoholism sometimes needs to be in a hospital. do it correctly. do not avoid it. do everything that you do and continue to do.

what is happiness?

now we can get back to a discussion on happiness. happiness is an internal state. you can be happy while the world around you is seemingly on fire. it is kind of twisted way of putting it, but that emphasizes it is internal. by the way, being happy while the world is on fire around you is not necessarily the goal. you actually should be able to feel things, in reality.

happiness as a word is confused. people say happiness and one person means love, amorous love, friendship love, laughter, another person means adrenaline, manic, another person means ego boosted, another person means the feeling of winning, superiority, conquest, another person well you get what i mean.

people do not even know what the word is, how are they supposed to go after it?

happiness to me is closer to inner peace, moving inner peace is similar to the word joy. more peaceful, less "badass, epic, and amazing."

why is that happiness?
i mean that is a state that is the natural default. if you practice meditation, you realize that the joy is there. the natural mental state is this state of joy. actually. once you get all the anxiety, and like self-doubt, and low self-confidence. it is not even replacing it, it is just removing it.

in a binary, most things are love or fear. moving towards love or moving away from fear. being motivated to move towards something you love vs moving away from something you fear.

that is why behavior change is tricky. addiction being a particular kind of behavior change. you have all this 'DISCIPLINE!' thinking which is supposed to be away from something you fear. and like what do you do instead? usually people are bored or coming off something. on the other hand, they could do something based in love without thinking about the thing. you need both. the support each other. one or the other? both.

what is blocking from that happiness?
here is like actually where people should start. but there is so much back story that it is hard to get to this point, unless, we are all on the same page.

knowing it though, you will make it.

answers about what to do in the world?
what is worth it?
what is left to pursue?

what is real love?

what is health?
why does health matter?

and then all the intersocial questions
why do i get so angry at ___?
what do i do about anger?
why can't i get things done?
why am i low energy all the time?
how do i get rich?
is getting rich worth it?
what should i major in in college?
how do i choose a job?
how do i find a job?

constantly remind yourself that you do not need to be angry
being angry at someone means usually that you
value their opinion
did not say something