Are BJJ tutorials worth buying?

It seems like there is so much free content online.

1. Learn the vocabulary

The problem is that when you are starting out, you do not have a good way of organizing it. Like you do not even know how to search for what you are looking for.

Usually there are a few terms that become helpful: side control, mount, back control, take downs, sweeps, and various submissions.

There are more obviously, but that will get you started.

There are the various kinds of guards, escapes, and leg positions as well. There are gi and no gi variations.

2. Find good people to watch.

There is a lot out there and there is also a lot of garbage.

Or just not as time efficient.

Who cares? Watch whatever you can find and find interesting.

Eventually you will find some really quality tutorials out there. That are free.

Marcelo Garcia

Andrew Wiltse

Pedro Sauer

Andre Galvao

John Danaher - so slow though. I started out here, but I found that while they were complete, I would watch a two hour tutotiral and not retain much.

3. Drill it.

Try it out on a person.
If you cannot find a person that wants to drill, go find a person who you can move around and get into that position and drill it with them. Meaning find someone who is worse than you or much lighter than you or both. Ideally, there is someone that is a little bit below you for working on your attacks and defense.

If you cannot find a person, then drill it with like a bag.

Or just shadow drill it moving around on the floor.

The important part is to transfer what you are learning in video into physical movement.