Goals for blogging

1. If you want something to serve yourself, make it great at serving yourself.

Make it fast and easy for you to read.

2. If you want to make money, make it something that can make money. But that is a different goal.

The weird thing about making money is that by focusing on making money, sometimes, you end up not making as much money as you could have. For example, Tim Ferriss talks about people monetizing podcasts too early. They're happy to take a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars and episode. If they had waited to monetize the podcast, they could make an entire year worth in one episode. Gary Vaynerchuck talks about that too. His goal being to never cash in all the good he puts out in the world.

Provide value tends to be a big theme here.

3. If you want to use it to connect to people, use it to connect to people.

There is a joy in connecting with new people.

Can you have 'enough' people?

But there is also a point where you 'have enough' people?

What is the main goal here?

Popularity and being famous is not a great goal.

  1. Why? Society is fickle, things can quickly change.
  2. You can only have so much in your life. You can only wear so many jackets at the same time. You can only enjoy real relationships with so many people at the same time.

What are the components of a good lifestyle?

Freedom of time
Freedom of activity