Is happiness more important that healthy, wealthy, and wise?

People always bring up that person Ben Franklin.

As if he had a great life.

His family life seems bad. His health seems bad.

But this phrasing makes sense.

Wise is a shortcut.

The states are peaceful joy and flow.

The wealth aids in comfort and sustainability.

The health is physical health in all aspects.

Wisdom would allow for better inner mental states and better ways of moving in the world.

Happiness is kind of the 'result', but maybe more the superstate that arises from having these things in life.

Kind of like when people want to be 'energetic.' They chase stimulants and if they are a little advanced do things like 'natural' stimulants like running and physical exercise.

When in reality what you might need is better rest.
What you might need is better internal state.
What you might need is something better to do.

Those are also sources of energy.

However, at the end of the day, that is at the end of the life, what matters is.