Team to be successful

Self-sufficiency seems antithetical to group work.

To accumulation of wealth.

Do you have to work with a team to be successful?

It depends. On the scale of something you want to build. And the skill set you have.

If you are just good at connecting and collecting people, then maybe that is it. But usually you have to bring something to the table.

Otherwise you risk being cut out.

Better to have some thing you can work on by yourself to support you livelihood.

Redundancy is the point of teamwork.

If you have a team, you can work together on things. You can pick up slack. You can have someone be an expert on one thing.

Working with a team, you could go further.

Fun is the point of teamwork.

It is fun to work with a team.

It is social.

There is a human bond in working together on goals.


Three average people working together will often do better than one average person by themself.

They may often outperform a single smart person working by themself.

Working by yourself, though, also makes sense.

It depends on the task and the process.

If you are leading a group, you have to work by yourself. For everyone.

Be motivating for people. Help people do what they need to do.