Be healthy
Be a good person
Be happy
Work from a good place
Do good things in the world

In the meantime learn skills
Pursue curiosity and interests

You need money. Make money via conventional means. Establish a base. Play, experiment, launch from a platform of fuck you money. Go really, really frugal. Primarily on things like luxuries.

Traveling - Opt for a camping trip or even an Airbnb instead of a fancy hotel. Go on a day hike. Road trips as we re-discovered during COVID are still really fun. Traveling fun best when walking/biking around with friends, eating good food, laughing, and getting to see how other people live. None of it needs to cost a bunch of money. You may need to learn skills to this end.

Entertainment - Find a cheap hobby. Bonus if physical (running, biking, hiking, camping), bonus if creative (drawing, playing an instrument), bonus if entertaining (improv acting, reading a book). Play video games > watching television. Going outside and picking up dog poop > video games. Somewhat exaggeration, but I just mean because you get to be outside and physical and emodied activites are in general > video. I used to bike commute and go to bike events. I mean a bike can cost $1k-$4k-$10k, but I rode a $170 bike as my main form of transportation for years.

Productivity - First day you start a project, make a draft of the completed deliverable. If the end is a slide deck, day one, make a slide deck and fill in slide content. If it is a research paper, write your abstract first. The best place to start with an abstract is not the background. Background can be vague. Get your methods pinned down. To be productive long term you need sleep, socialization, sunlight, food, water. Additionally, safe warm place to sleep. Short term you can burn almost anything out but there are consequences. Once you figure out your system, your personal engine, then you do not need to burn it out.

Money - You need money. Most people do not know how to use money. Use money to solve money problems, not psychological problems. Go really frugal. You can still dress well, be generous, and have fun. Invest your money well into assets and businesses. Live off the dividends.

Frugal - Frugal is two suits that you wear everyday, and five dress shirts. None of it needs to be expensive. It is more frugal than a closet of 50 tshirts and 20 light jackets that you rarely use. Frugal is a desktop gaming system that you built with replacable parts that can be reused and games that you can carry from generation to generation. Or hanging out with friends playing video games.Less frugal is a cutting edge game system that you have to sell after two years and get the newest games. Frugal is picking up that older game system for like 1/5 the price and realizing which games are still fun to play.

Physical - Do any sort of movement. Walking is arguably as important as sleep (very big point). The body was meant to move. Ideally, find something you enjoy doing. If not, running and walking are great. Make them more compelling by adding a social aspect (with friends, a group run, meet up, etc.), a bragging aspect (take cool photos and share them), or a practicality aspect (walk for transportation).

Commute - consider that people complain a 40 minute train ride vs a 15 minute drive. But like, what the fuck are you doing when you get there? On your phone? Might as well be on your phone for 40 minutes instead of 15 + 15 drive + 10 phone. What people do not realize is that each can be 'delayed' you could miss the bus, the bus could be late, but you could also get stuck in traffic, behind an accident, or miss your exit. Weather messes up both. An upgrade is a 15 minute walking commute. An upgrade to that is no commute, but you will find that the walking is still important to do. Notice well-lived old people take walks in the morning and evening, pretty much in all countries. If you start letting a human commute (walking, biking, transportation) into your life, you realize that you can reshape your life. The pain points are real. Like you should ideally be living within 10 miles of work.

Arc towards ideal, live right now - People will throw up their hands and say 'well I can't live 10 miles from work, so this whole thing is bullshit.' It gives you a goal. Maybe next time you are considering a job, take the offer that is physically closer to home. Take the offer that allows you not to go into work everyday. Next time you have to move apartments, check what transit is like to work and grocery store. No one expects you to have a job you love, a healthy body, all these mental health processes figured out, and a bunch of passive income. But like, if you start making choices in that direction, then you are moving in that direction.

Mental - Honestly? Most stuff does not matter. Be a good person. Learn like some form of meditation (NOT relaxing), like noticing that your feelings and emotions are separate from you. Then considering why they come up, fully experiencing them, and

What do you like? - Find a physical activity that you enjoy doing. Makes it sustainable. Something you would do even if you could not take a photo and share it. Something you do even if no one 'else' knows you are doing it.