How to enjoy being outside in the cold?

Clothing matters, but I still have not figured it out.

Of course, I have figued out how to be warm.

  • layers
  • natural materials
  • insulate the lower body as well (bib pants or double pants)

But I have not really figured out how to be comfortable at home.

How to be comfortable in the cold.

Well, it is comfortable enough, but for some reason there are two issues:
1) preponderance of being inside and not being happy
2) avoidance of going outside

What I have noticed: when it warms up, the activities I have been trying to get myself to do, well they come naturally.

Make things more comfortable. The exercise bike was never comfortable to ride on. I thought about removing the pedal cages because they were too tight, but I loosened them. That helped. Tried that. When I finally took them off, now it is much more comfortable. That is less comfort more fit? Even better than the exercise bike is biking outside or running.

Biking outside will change your life. If you want to have a better life, tell yourself you will bike everywhere. Then actually have that inform your decisions (where you live, where you go, etc.).

1) add light, this year I should add plants to recirculate the air! cracking a window has helped a lot now that it is warm enough, but adding plants would be a way to help that as well.

2) get overalls? part of it is that I am warm enough, but now I also hesitate going outside because it is such a chore. Putting on all the layers.

WhatI noticed: now that it is warm outside, it is so easy to go outside because I just walk outside. I might even not put on a jacket because I am just ouside for a little bit. The activities I like are less sitting outside, more biking outside. Maybe I could try sitting outide too.