Cool car: Corolla GR 2023

Corolla GR - 300 hp, AWD, hot hatch, 6 speed manual transmission.

I guess the Yaris GR did 0-60 in 5.4s and was never released in the states.

Will I buy it?

Probably not.

Why? Point A to point B for cars.

But damn it looks fun. What it makes me think of is that it would be fun to go riding and adventure like that.

Go ride a mountain bike. Much more fun than driving a hot hatch in traffic or on the freeway even. Why? In traffic or freeway, you cannot really let the car go. Safety, law, conditions.

Different if you 1) have a rally or offroad area 2) want to spend. However, you're talking tires for the price of a really nice mountain bike.

And everything is the internal experience.

You want adventure? Go ride mtb close to home.