Dedicated devices superior

Cell phones became everything, but maybe the best thing is to have a dedicated device?

Dedicated gaming machine, dedicated camera, etc.

Why? They do their individual things better. Then the phone just becomes the 'back-up' to these things.

An example is the laptop. They have been around for decades and are still way better for work: word processing, blogging, data processing, presentations. Possible to do on a tablet or a phone, but in reality, much better on a laptop.

However, if you are out walking in a park and you didn't bring your laptop, your phone is there. You can jot down notes or whatever you want on there.

That is where the phone shines, as a backup. But to have it as your primary or ONLY device?

That is a lot to ask. Plus it might break and then everything you have is broken.

The one exception might be if you like are super minimalist. Like for frugality or for