Digital device minimalism


Of the two which is most important? Utlity is phone - calling, texting, navigation.

Laptop? Blogging creation. Unbeatable. Desktop is stuck, it does not move with you. Phone is too restrictive, no one wants to type on a tiny screen. Tablet? Jesus, that thing is toxic for production. It is all consumption. Typing on the screen or with an external keyboard is terrible and cumbersome.

Phone wins on going with you. Portability. Always with you. So you can learn to type on there. Voice dictation might be the win. The huge win is walking and voice dictation if you can manage that.

Desktop. Huge win for durability and raw power. If you are editing photos or videos, I mean, hard to beat. But otherwise? Tough. Put a walking desk on there maybe. As a backup device? almost unbeatable. as a gaming device, unbeatable. except by the nintendo swich if you have games you like on there. Also, durabilty, huge, huge, you can change anything or swap anything out, if a screen breaks on any other device, the whole thing is pretty much toast. If it breaks on a desktop? Buy a new one, and it will probably be a huge upgrade to what you have before, because, well, how do you even break a desktop screen? They are way less likely to get broken in the first place. Keyboard breaks on a laptop? Repairs. On a desktop? LOL, go grab one from another work station and you are going. Faster than opening a laptop, much less ordering the parts. If you build it yourself? Upgrade it piece by piece. Easy.

Tablet. Consumption, especially watching streaming or videos is unbeatable. Beautiful huge screen, way better than a phone or a laptop. Fast. Instant compared to even a fast laptop. Portable if you are moving around watching things. Battery life is crazy, 2x-4x longer than laptops for a given price point in time. Unobtrusive, no keyboard to get in the way when you are resting it on a windowsill or a table or a treadmill.

Laptop. Writing creation is great. Video watching is great. Get a thin and light unless you need the power and can't make a desktop work (portabilty). If you are researching have a phone and a laptop is S tier, it is god tier. You can pull stuff up on yoursecond screen (phone). Switching tabs is way easier and faster. The keyboard inuts are faster. You can still take it with you places.