Fixed gear bike is quintessential lovely summer afternoon that melts into evening bike

It is summer. Shorts, t-shirts. No winter clothes, no checking the weather. Just put on shoes, walk out the door, and step into the sunshine.

Bike to meet your friends are a brewery. Bike to get tacos. Go hangout in a park.


No stressing over which gear to be in. No madly shifting adjustments. Just pedal harder or go slower. Or get off the bike and walk.

The reward is the journey. The reward is being outside with friends.

Maintenance? Lube and air. Check brakes every once in a while. You hardly use the breaks so the pads last longer. You gave up skidding so the tires last long too. Just lay the bike down. No derailleurs to get out of alignment. No high and low limit screws to adjust. Just a simple, strong, reliable drivetrain. Need to fix it? Just replace a chain.

The feel of riding is sublime. Just pedal. No coasting, just pedal. Want to slow down? Slow down your legs, slow down the bike.

Just ride.