I bought a laptop.

Why? This one is still working.

It is like 7 years old now. And I have replaced many things on it. That is very uncommon for a consumer grade latpop.

The laptop I purchased is an enterprise grade laptop. A business laptop. I like it, why? The durability, the upgradabilty and repairabilty, and the price was crazy.

Most normal new laptops are around $600-$800. This one was for sale for under $400 all in.

But the thing is. I am happier about getting the deal than I am about the prospect of actually having a new laptop.


1) All the stuff that goes into it.
2) This one still works for what I want: writing and web browsing.

It does those two things well. It draws low power. It is thin and light. It is durable enough.

It does show its age when it comes to navigating certain websites. It starts to bog down. But other than that, it is great.

So when it starts to be that it cannot keep up with your typing input. Whe websites are so bloated that you need to keep them going, then consider upgrading.

Right now, I have to type more slowly. The objective is to type and get information out there and work.

Maximize that.