Who do you matter to? The world or the people around you?

I think at some point, people want to matter to "everyone."It is a heady feeling being recognized in public, positively. Being treated nicely by people you do not know, but who know you.

Being given favors and preferential treatment.

It is a feeling like the world loves you.

Like everywhere you go, people have a reason to be excited just because you are there.

Who wouldn't want that?

Well, sure. Of course.

But the thing is that it comes with a price.

And if you do want that, how do you get it?

And is that what makes you happy?

I think that you would be happier with a small group of people that love you and that you encounter regularly, than with a disparate group of everyone thinks positively of you.

It for sure is fun, but I'ved lived it. Eventually the widespread adoration goes away.

Why? Because people do not really care for you.

When you really need someone to come over, you can put out a call, but it is constantly turnover.

People move on with their lives. And if you do not keep up with people, then that's it.