IRL is underrated

I have been reading about VR and all the technology about metaverse. VR has been 'just around the corner' for at least 10 years.

There have been video game systems with VR games for at least a decade now. I have played on them.

The Playstation had a VR headset and a video game for flying that was widely commercially available. At the local big box electronics store.

Seems like a lot of people are talking about beat saber and oculus VR headset.

I think the problem is the headset. Why would I do that? It is cumbersome, but supposedly the immersion is great.

Right now, it is so easy to just use the controller, but I guess that is because it is a more mature technology. We have been gaming on controllers for 30+ years. The initial games were bad and buggy and you had to be very particular about the equipment and system. And not everyone had it.

Maybe that is how VR is right now.

But the point I was trying to make was that IRL (in real life) interactions are underrated.

I have calls and message people semi-regularly. But if you actually visit someone? In person. and talk to them even for 20 or 30 minutes? You get SO much more information. So much 'higher fidelity'. You learn things that they do not normally mention.

It is crazy how different it is.

Go for real life interactions. Worth the cost.