Less friction

For things related to work, output, creativity, opt for less friction.

Make things easier for yourself to create.

Make things that you do not want to do, harder.

This reasoning is why cordless tools make sense. It seems like trivial to get an electrical cord. Plus if you already have tools, then just continue to use the ones you have.

But if you start doing outdoor projects, then cordless tools make sense. Indoors, sure, fine. But sometimes you also need to turn off the power. Batteries can be made easier to use.

Of course, some tools, battery versions are inferior, ex. random orbital sander. But for drills, oscillating tools, drivers, jigsaws. Wow, go for cordless.

A fast laptop for blogging and writing. The friction of waiting for pages and having to reload things and close is not good. Output, output, output.

Outerwear that does not show dog hair, if you live with a pet. It is too much to have to roll your clothes.