Everything expensive becomes cheap

everything expensive eventually becomes cheap
look at all the old rolex watches. there are a handful that have appreciated in value. the rest have few buyers.

look at cars. you used to have to spend tons of money on one, now you can get a used one for a thousand or so. i mean compared to when they were made these are no longer luxury. they are commodity.

it used to be that only the super wealthy ever rode in a car. and as a novelty. now most people in the world have ridden in a car.

i am not saying that if you have not ridden in a car, then that is necessarily bad. what i am saying is that the luxury good is available to the mass number of people now.

i'd prefer to be happy and well adjusted than own a car. live in a great place. have loving friends and family i can count on. be physically healthy. feel like i make a positive contribution to my community, and have it be true. not have to worry about money or expenses or the safety or livelihood of my friends and family.

those things seem more important than having a bunch of rolexes.

what is the point of luxury goods? they basically fill in the gaps of feeling bad about something. but sometimes they are functionally much better. and sometimes they get you positive attention. or negative attention as well. i guess they are a way to signal and command attention.

but where you get that attention and what you do with it matters.