How to get more sunlight during the winter

Seems like the biggest hack is being able to be in the sun.

You, of course, need a safe space to stay. Protection from the weather. A place to come home.

But my oh my, spending most of the day in sunlight is a benefit.


Wear the right clothes: parka, snow bibs.

The difficulty in the winter is that, it gets really cold. Like here especially. Go parka. Go ski bibs. Get outside anyway. Mid morning time is probably the best.

What is better for cold weather sports? Snow bibs or pants?

Bibs, hands down. Besides cost, I do not know why people wear pants. They are more available? My perspective is an amatuer, maybe professionals wear pants for mobility or something. Bibs keep you warmer. Bibs do not fall down. Bibs have that lower back area covered, which often comes uncovered when doing cold weather sports.

What is a good winter activity for sunlight?

Walking. I mean walking is probably the GOAT.
Jogging or running works as well.

I have done a lot of winter biking, fat biking, and winter commutting. It is fun and for all the reasons that biking is fun, but walking is a GOAT activity.

Why is walking great for winter sunlight?

Ease. That is number one. You can just literally go outside and do it. Almost wherever you are.

How do you make walking fun?

You know, I have thought a lot about enjoyment and outdoor fun.