On Novelty vs Quality

Would you rather play one really good game and get really good at it? Or play a different game everyday?

Hard to say really. Initially, you think one good game and get really good, because then it gets more fun as you get better.

But maybe you get better at games in general as you play more different games?

Would you rather have one dog that is really good that you get to know? Or have a new dog everyday?

Seems like the answer is one really good dog.

So for relationships or things close to you, maybe novelty has limits.

Hard to say. Quality defined by who? Even if it is defined by yourself, how do you define it?

What if your definition of quality is wrong? What would that even mean?

It seems that the definition is closer to something we call happiness.

The good. The short term and the long term good.

Hard to say. How do you even define what is good? If an event is good or bad. Is it helpful or not? Or can you be the person that gets value out of either event?

Value for what purpose?

Back to the happiness thing again.

There is a middle way, a balance, something that is an unlock.

Instead of deciding between mind-numbing, soul crushing work that makes a lot of money, and engaging and enriching work that makes little money, there are other options.

Medium work that makes enough money to allow time and energy for engaging and enriching work. Minimizing work time and allowing more time for engaging and enriching work. Turning any work into something that is engaging and enriching. Getting engagement and enrichment from everything, in abundance, and not only work. Doing work that is engaging, and enriching, and makes a lot of money. Realizing what a lot of money really means and how to achieve that. Decoupling a need for spending most for most things, thereby increasing the effective excess of money. Being happy without regard for money or the work.

A lot of money is money in excess and abundance that replaces itself faster than it can be spent so that it continues to grow.

Novelty is a huge thing. But novelty has costs.
Quality does not necessitate stagnation.
Familiarity is a huge thing. But may also have costs.

Play long term games with quality players.