Road trip accessories: a folding bike

have been considering this for a while now and going to bite the bullet and go for it.

we bike on vacation and it is fun.

we have tested it because we have rented bikes and those cost about $30-$50 a day.

we have also done the bike shares very, very often. pretty much every vacation.

we have gone on multiple roadtrips now the folding bike makes sense because bike share is not always available, can cost a lot, fun.

the best ways to see a city are to get around in it. you have to get to a good location, but walking, jogging, and biking are the ways to get around. riding the train might be one too. they immerse you in the city in a way that does not happen otherwise.

a city to a young person, especially who has not grown up in a world class city, is a feast. the amount of things to do. the amount of new people and looks. the architecture and art and design. it is like you had never read the ny times before and suddently everything is available to you.

it is like weird.

but the folding bike, having one is different. when you are on a roadtrip, especially a long roadtrip. you stay at places along the way. a bike on a hitch or something is well it gets in the way. the ideal way to travel is if you can fit everything inside the vehicle.

is it better to have everything inside the vehicle or more cabin space while on a roadtrip?
both. carry less and have both. everything inside the vehicle is better because it is secure. it is out of the elements. it does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle. it is easier to get to.
downsides? space. dirt.
if you are transporting dirty things, it is nice to have some area that can be dirty. or contain the dirt in a bag.

a folding bike you can just put inside is what i am trying to say.

you can use it for groceries.

importantly, it can fit multiple people.

you can bring it inside. and there is something nice about just being able to ride it. you will do it more.

we have luckily been able to stay with people that live close to bike share stations. that is fun. it is way less maintenance. but you do have to get the apps, or the codes, or this or the other. and sometimes the bikes don't work. or whatever. that can be part of the fun.

but the ease is having a bike.

when would i prefer a full size bike? probably anything non city commute. a long bike tour, off road riding, etc.
but who knows? it may be surprising.

looking forward to it.