what is luxury?

what is luxury?

let's say you did not have much money in your bank account, but you did not have to worry about expenses, is that okay?

what if everything you touched daily, your clothes, furniture, computer, tools, house, shoes, were all luxury goods, does that make you have a luxury life? what is still missing?

what if you lived in the jungle or a remote area, with simple accomodations, but had a huge bank account? is that a trade-off most people would make?

the question really, that underlies this all, if you take a chance to examine the filter you are putting it through is: would i be happy?

happiness, then, not luxury is actually the marker. or at least, it is a superior measure. luxury might be part of happiness, but luxury should function to improve happiness.

would you want to be wearing luxury goods if now you were worried, not only about them getting stolen, but about your own life and getting kidnapped? seems like no.

luxury answers to happiness. but often we get the two confused.

luxury functions best when you get the best functioning products. marketing is part of it to. customer support is part of it too. attention is part of it too. or they can all be part of it, rather. return policy at REI is better than at Burberry. at Burberry you get champagne and a personal attendant.

and attention from people that you perceive have taste. but if you stop caring about that, then what does it matter? big win.