great morning

get up and go to the gym
read while on the treadmill
whatever you want to read. or watch whatever you want to watch.
you can read a book that you're interested in
something to help you solve a problem

then you have weight lifting
and chores - dishes, laundry
and jogging outside

jog, don't run.
listen to music on earbuds. listen to a talk. stream youtube basically.

eat a healthy meal. not bread and stuff. leftover meals. if anything i have been doing oatmeal. but maybe chopped fruit, eggs, toast and peanut butter and a vitamin are good. haven't quite figured out the diet thing.

then again. when i was biking everywhere and also walking to and from class and to and from work. and then the gym twice a week. i was in good shape.

when i added intense 1 hour or 1.5 hour workouts twice a week, that really took things to a higher level.

consider intensity when you are intense, and then moderate to low walking, jogging, and biking the rest of the time.

but have it be a lot of the time.