hoarding organizing clean room

beautiful photographs

the number one thing?

run a podcast

you have a desire

be happy

be wealthy

be healthy

probably should be happy, healthy, wealthy
healthy, happy, wealthy actually

that is probably the correct order


have an organized room

a clean room

but what does that mean? it means to have space.

and so you have goals, you have tools (camera, drawing board), and things you want to do (read books, write), but there is excess stuff.

there is stuff in your way.

and you are living a scarcity mindset. that those things need to be replaced. and what if it all goes bad, and i need to be able to sell those things, and who am i to throw things away?

and instead the goal could be like, the reframe could be well, that is the price you pay for a clean, organized room. literal a price. you know you could resell those things for $200, and you do not. because well, it is a big piece.

you are reorganizing, you are organizing yourself.

you are gaining space. by donating and getting rid of stuff you are not just losing stuff. losing money. you are gaining space. you are gaining a clean space. an organized space.