make life less boring. why life is boring in america

there isn't a good way to say this
but life is too boring

solving problems like sweeping
now you don't even have to sweep

that is part of why traveling is so engaging
you can't even get anywhere without

in the philippines, just getting somewhere is involved. you go out, you find someone to take you, you get someone to take you closer, and then you walk, and then you ask around, and then you finally get there and find out that the place is closed or has moved or is open, but the person you are looking for is gone for the day or in another part of town on tuesdays, and then you ask around and someone knows someone who can still get the thing done for you today.

and here?

you click on uber and have your groceries delivered. wtf are you supposed to do with your time?

that is the real question of people. and without any teaching, i mean essentially, you can see it.

you know how like all those celebrities go crazy? i mean that is essentially what you are doing. but they have unlimited, time, money, access, and freedom. and you have a smaller amount and you still go crazy.

and if you do not believe it, then you have not really experienced that kind of freedom.

most guys go home and jack off. you think that same person, if they were super attractive, had people throwing themselves at them, and access to hot clubs, and money wouldn't go crazy?


women, i do not know. and obviously there are people out there doing their own thing, but this isn't a sex or gender or nmby thing.

this is more about the ease of stuff thing.

you ever heard the saying, you don't know a person, until you have had to share an inheritance with them?

people go nuts over that. over what? fucking a special pot that their mom used to use? or a piece of crappy jewelry?

so what's the answer?

bro, seriously, go out and touch grass.

that is actually the closest i have seen. there is immersing yourself in nature.

the other part is immersing yourself in community.

and the other part is kind of immersing yourself in yourself. like, learning how to happy and be alone.

probably that last one is the hardest for people.

and once you do that, learn how to be on fire alone. not just happy, but working on someting.

another way to break it down is mind, body, and spirit. you need things for a good mind. learning things, there are mental maps, and there are mental things. good body, sunlight, sleep, walking is GOAT, and also weight lifting. those are probably the easiest ones to go after. and then spirit. self-expression. freedom. some sort of art. listen to music, cinema, all the careers that 'won't make it'. that kind of thing. and community. need community. even preppers realize they need community.

if there is one thing i can give you, wake up and go to the gym.
if there is a second thing, bike most places.
if there is a third thing, journaling, but also taoism, buddhism, christianity, and meeting people in real life.