inherently we do make priorities

and you can see what they are based on our actions

sometimes we say we do not want to do something, but then we do it

still the priority. maybe something got in the way, maybe you did not have the resources, and you can refine it, but it was still the priority.

if you want to be successful, what does that mean?

you can change priorities because i got it wrong when i was younger. sometimes i was right too. success means a lot of things. financially is the most obvious, but then there is all the other stuff. does social count? how much money? and to what end?

later on, does your health matter?
does your internal ethics matter?
does your spirit matter?

and to what end?

for a while, i thought i would have two things. why choose between a false choice? have both.

later you realize it is a third option, a refinement, something you are missing.

for example:
false choice - a job that is fulfilling, but leaves you poo, and a job that earns a lot, but is soulless and ungratifying.

choose neither. at some point, i said i want a job that is both. earns a lot and makes me happy.

well there is a refinement.

job does not have that function. or have to have that function. and you have to work at it.

jobs do not have to be your source of happiness, friendship, the source of your self-worth or fulfillment. they are usually a source of money. then again, once you have the money question figured out, then it again becomes a source of fulfillment. working on things you enjoy. and that are good.

there are questions of skills as well. temperments. abilities.

another is writing. helpful for you. helpful for others. make money? what is the goal.