spend money on: laptop

you use your laptop for mainly productivity things

spend money on it and keeping it fast. actually, rephrase that, it should be up to date and fast.

avoid making due when it comes to speed and reliability of laptop. that said, you can get a top tier business machine that is a few years old for a fraction of the price of a current flagship.

there are still efficiencies to get. last years model instead of this years because the speed does not change much relative to the demands of software and online.

similarly, spend mid tier on your phone. get a great mid tier phone because they are plenty fast for basic needs and have longer term software update cycles.

spend on tools and things that help you process wood and build things. for example, you wasted $50 worth of wood and it could have been helpful to have a $20 4ft level. then again you could have also used a very long straightedge that we have.

there are still efficiencies.